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Kristin Staub

Chapter 6 & 7 Posted by Kristin Staub on 2016-07-03

In the past couple weeks I've been practicing setting levels again for one of Edwin's songs.  I remember when I first learned how to set levels how much longer it took, but then it also had less tracks as well... Read More >>

Kristin Staub

Chapters 7 & 8 Sessions 9 &10Posted by Kristin Staub on 2015-09-06

So, in Chapter 7, Edwin and I talked more about micing and which methods he really likes to use.  Since he really likes the drum kit and I don't know much about how to mic a drum kit, he gave me some really helpful tips on how to mic a particular drum set... Read More >>

Kristin Staub

Chapter 4 Connectors 4th & 5th SessionsPosted by Kristin Staub on 2015-07-23

I finally had a chance to blend a mix and it was fantastic!  I was in the studio Monday and Tuesday this week going over chapters 3 and 4 learning about digital audio formats, quantization errors, sampling rates, and ADCs, bit depth and how that is related to amplitude, the Nyquist Theorem... Read More >>